I'm Nick... from accounting!

I’m the Controller for Hard Rock Casino, the Chief Numbers Person for Heavy Bold LLC, and also the sole member and Vice President of the Las Vegas-based Zach Morris Fan Club. I love you Zach Morris! Haha!

I love numbers and numbers love me. When I'm not drinking a bottle of wine in my bachelor pad -- while doing the tango with some spreadsheets -- you can find me winning at most one poker tournament a year.

Though I didn't play any sports at the University of Kentucky, you better believe I act like I'm a part of the team and participating in the actual game when the University of Kentucky is having a sporting event on the television. Go Wildcats! Haha

Anyways, if you're looking for a mental workout buddy to help hold you down when doing number crunches, look no further! I'm your guy!

Hit me back. Just to chat. Truly yours. Your biggest fan. This is Stan.

Haha just kidding. That's an Eminem song. It's still me, Nick from accounting!